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       Next best thing to cash! Always shop for homes with a pre-approval from a LOCAL lender in your pocket. It strengthens your offer and gets you a better deal. Speaking of deals, does it make sense to tell other lenders that Coldwell Banker has given you a pre-qualification and is competing for your business? Sure does! Coldwell Banker can give you a firm commitment, and not disappoint you with a rejection just before closing the way some lenders do.

They offer 2 guarantees.

  1. Same day loan decision or they pay you $250

  2. They meet your requested closing date or reduce your rate 1/8 of 1% for the life of the loan.

Protect Your Real Estate Purchase
From Rising Interest Rates !!!

 Pre-Purchase Rate Protection

        When interest rates go up, your 'Buying Power' goes down! Nobody can predict where rates will be once your family has found their dream home. Ask for Pre-Purchase Rate Protection, and you won't have to.

        Usually, when you get pre-approved for a mortgage on a new home, the actual interest rate you pay on the loan cannot be determined until you find a property. With market fluctuations, a lot can happen to interest rates between the time you're pre-approved and the time you lock your rate. If interest rates go up enough, it can even keep you from getting the home you want.

Here's an effective way to limit rate risk. 

       At the start of their simple four-step mortgage process, just tell your in-house mortgage representative, you want Pre-Purchase Rate Protection. Depending on where interest rates are, your rate will be capped at a certain level - and whatever happens to rates, you won't pay more than that cap. On the other hand, if rates go down in the meantime, you can still benefit: they offer you a one-time "float down" - one opportunity to lock-in a lower rate before closing.

        So whichever way interest rates go, you're protected. And with our same-day loan decision and on-time closing guarantees, you can be sure you're getting the right mortgage too. No team works harder or does more to put you in the home you want than me working with our in-house lender. And CBM will meet your closing date or reduce your rate 1/8 for the life of the loan.

        You may have heard about large mortgage lenders in trouble. At the closing table, they cannot fund the loans they committed to.  Coldwell Banker is the strongest they've ever been. They never made foolish loans to people with bad credit. You can count on them.

        Coldwell Banker Paradise offers the option of "One Stop Shopping" by providing real estate and mortgage services under one roof. We even have our own dedicated mortgage representative to assist our clients personally. Call this LOCAL lender that knows Brevard and Indian River.

Hot Markets Moving UpDeal with a knowledgeable Realtor who provides lots of great information.
Richard Webb at
321-480-5514 for essential market expertise, and projections of future trends.

Mortgage Rate Trends


A flat green line shows the Fed trying to hold mortgage rates down by holding down the Discount Rate. But the lid can blow off at any time.

8:30a - 8:00p eastern

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Our local advisor, assigned exclusively to Paradise/Schlitt offices, is ready to help.

We promise to treat customers like family while providing financing for the American dream. The experience will be smooth, easy, and at times fun. We will do this with unequalled passion and expertise.

Coldwell Banker - Fastest in the Industry!

minimum credit score 600
maximum FNMA or VA loan $417,000
maximum FHA loan $271,050


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Improve Your Credit Score & Lower Your Interest Rate

Because Coldwell Banker Mortgage refused to make risky sub-prime loans, they now get preferential treatment by FNMA (Fannie Mae) and pass that advantage on to you. Ask Richard how that saves you time and money.

Why It's a Great Time To Buy Real Estate in Florida!

Getting a fixed mortgage at today's exceptionally low rates, enables you to harness the destructive power of inflation to eat away the principal of your loan. I'll show you how.

Fixer-Upper Loans

You can get a single loan to purchase the home plus new flooring, 203k Specialist - Certifiedair conditioning, roof, painting, etc. FHA sponsors a special type of loan to encourage renovations. Call me for details, and lenders who participate in the program.



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