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Antibetic was recommended by Dr. James Kim, our acupuncture and herbal doctor, a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist, who's first career was as a chemist. He is extremely knowledgeable in the effects of herbal preparations.

Dr. Kim takes Antibetic and he recommended it for Ana's diabetic mother that he treated. Although her mother was in her late 70's with many complications, and wildly fluctuating sugar numbers, and fails to take medications as scheduled, her sugar numbers are significantly improved after only one month of hit and miss taking of Antibetic.

Our friend, who has a wide range of serious diseases including diabetes, was very skeptical of Antibetic and possible interactions with other medications. He asked his Indian diabetes doctor who said,  "How did you find out about that?  My professor in India takes Antibetic himself." The Indian doctor still does not prescribe it to patients because it is not on the AMA list of  "approved"  treatments, but he had no worries about side effects or interactions.

Another friend in Miami reports that after taking Antibetic for one month, his morning sugar count dropped from 185 to 90. He has reduced his prescription medication accordingly. He is also losing weight as a result of a decreased taste for sugar.

This is an herbal remedy,  a specific combination of herbs and spices,  components known in India for several thousand years, with no side effects and no drug interactions (except that it will reduce your need for diabetic medication).

Abstract from patent application: A medicinal composition is provided for treatment of diabetes in a human subject. The medicinal composition of the invention induces a significant reduction in serum glucose due to the regeneration of pancreatic islet cells. A medicinal composition according to the invention necessarily includes a pharmacologically significant quantity of (-)epicatechin augmented with a comparable amount of gymnemic acid. For best results smaller quantities of cinnamomum tamala, syzygium cumini, trigonella foenum graceum, azardichta indica, ficus racemosa, and tinospora cordifolia are also included in the composition. One to two grams of the medicinal composition of the invention are administered to a diabetic three times a day before meals. The unique combination of components in the medicinal composition leads to a regeneration of the pancreas cells which then start producing insulin on their own. Since the composition restores normal pancreatic function, treatment can be discontinued after between about four and twelve months.

Here is some research you might find useful.

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 Ana Webb

This is not medical advice, it is research and testimonials we feel compelled to share with diabetic friends, because the medical establishment won't.