"It is amazing what you can do, when you don't care who gets the credit" -Ronald Reagan.   Please contribute your wisdom and experience.

The United State was founded on the novel principle - Consent of the Governed. We express that with our vote.
When asked what the founders designed, Ben Franklin ominously warned "A republic madam, if you can keep it."
The fate of our country is challenged in each election where voter complacency cedes power to creeping tyranny. It is our civic DUTY to hold government accountable to the voters. Be part of the solution!
People died for my freedom, I will not let that be in vain.


Work with Brevard Election Supervisor Lori Scott to make Brevard the premier election integrity county in the nation.
Brevard has potential to lead the country in best practices.
The committee will:

The process must strive toward:

The Parties must make Preventing Vote Theft their top priority, train assertive poll watchers and give them tools to effectively challenge. Start by adding Promote Election Integrity at the TOP of 8 Objectives in the Florida Party Constitution because -- 
Even a perfect campaign cannot overcome a corrupt count.


CRUCIAL REFORM - audit a statistically significant number of precincts and races, focusing on any that show statistical anomalies in their hourly accumulations.

  1. Treat electronic tally devices as a Black Box. No analyst can determine what is inside; programs can be changed and reversed in thousandths of a second, and don't require external connections.
  2. Seeing Source Code, and running test batches gives a false sense of security.
  3. It is impossible to detect every way for a machine to communicate over the Web. Some used Chinese flip-phones given to poll supervisors, others used Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats.
  4. At minimum, Forensically Audit a statistically significant (by established statistical standards) number of precincts and races
  5. Focus on precincts/races that show statistical anomalies in their HOURLY accumulations (physical ballot stuffing becomes obvious when timing is exposed).
  6. Precincts and candidates are drawn supposedly randomly like bingo balls. In practice, even an amateur magician can make safe precincts/candidates appear for audit.
  7. Breaking analysis into smaller units, using well-chosen denominators, tends to accent problems requiring investigation.
  8. In Florida each county audits 1% of the precincts, and one race. That is statistically insignificant, and ASSURES that the chances of catching shenanigans in a targeted race are infinitesimal. On a 20-race ballot, one race = 5%, multiply that by 15% (the chance of randomly selecting a suspected-corrupt precinct that stuffed ballots for Biden). Likelihood is 3/4 of 1% chance
    We saw that clearly in the stolen election. Just 15% of the precincts nationwide favored Biden. Focus on LIKELY corruption there, and the cleanup task gets far easier to spot and prevent. Focus on the buggers.
  9. Auditing guards against undetected rogue elements infiltrating or circumventing an honest election department in the future.
  10. Dr Shiva Ayyadurai volunteered to run precinct data thru his team that caught fraud in his Republican primary for U.S. Senate in August 2020. He was the first to catch Dominion algorithms shaving vote totals.


  1. Voting is a right and responsibility of citizenship.
  2. Prohibit Government from ANY solicitation of registrations. Government tends to solicit votes that perpetuate itself.
  3. Brevard removes registration of  any voter when mailings are returned by USPS with a yellow UNDELIVERABLE sticker. This also helps remove dual registrations by snowbirds.
  4. Computer-match Voter Rolls against Real Estate Assessor to validate residential zoning, SS, Deaths, DMV, Postal change-of-address, immigration. homeland security, jury pool rejections, credit, unemployment, welfare, Corrections and other major sources to trigger and facilitate investigations of deaths, residency changes, eligible age. Florida uses data from EricStates to help validate registrations, but many movers get missed, leaving legacy registrations ripe for harvest.
  5. JudicialWatch revealed 353 American counties with more registrations than people.
  6. Parties should conduct field verification of suspect registrations, with SOE follow-up and reporting on legitimate claims.
  7. Ghost registrations were created in Pennsylvania & Ohio by matching to the 2010 census
  8. Audit new registrations to insure they are legitimate. Party makes no difference - crossover voting sneaks past party scrutiny.
  9. Require voters to prove citizenship, identity, and residence when they register, and again prove identity and residence when they vote, whether in-person or absentee.
  10. Arguments that poor people can't get ID are degrading to them. Provide a free ID when requested.
  11. Include a verified indication of citizenship, or non-citizenship on all Driver Licenses and ID accepted for voting.
  12. The following table statistically points to a need for investigation into the health of voter rolls.
Brevard Dem Rep Tot % incr
2004 59 62 121  
2008 69 60 129 6
2012 65 61 126 1
2016 66 63 129 2
2020 80 74 154 19


  1. What happens if a voter claims to not have picture ID?
  2. A large number of voters with no ID is a bright red flag.
  3. Record on Precinct Voter Register an AUDITABLE proof of what was produced so that a corrupt precinct can be caught.
  4. Voter register could include a photo, but that requires display hardware, and photo equipment. Georgia gets photo from DMV.
  5. Tally machines don't need to be online to provide interim reports. In fact, they MUST remain connectionless until the machine totals reconcile with the day's register of ID-verified voters. Unofficial interim hourly race totals must be printed from each machine, and manually entered to a secure central database not made accessible until all the polls in the state close.
  6. In states where Voter ID is not mandatory, run "Show Your ID" ads that make it patriotic to prove worthiness to vote.


  1. Discourage Absentee, Mail-in, & Early Voting. These conveniences reduce integrity.
  2. In Brevard, 58% of ballots in 2020 primary were mail-in.
  3. With RARE exception (military, sick, travelers, etc voting Absentee), citizens who rebel against returning to the sunshine, security and patriotism of Election Day Voting are the ones most likely to make and encourage ill-informed choices affecting your family and our republic, devoid of well-informed research on candidates and issues. Stop twisting the system to encourage their vote. If people care, they will be informed, and find a way to vote.
  4. Eliminate automatic re-ordering of absentees, except military and ...
  5. When absentees are removed from their signature envelope, the voter can  no longer be challenged and extracted. Focus on pre-opening procedures.
  6. Absentees ballots must be tagged with a differentiated permanent date-received identifier and specific source to enable challenges.
  7. No absentees accepted after election day. If you use this convenience, send it on time.
  8. Ballot Anti-Duplication measures are needed.
  9. Merge tiny voter-identifiable precincts to eliminate excuses given against monitors closely watching ALL phases of ballot processing and adjudication. Don't allow tiny precincts where an individual voter could be identified.
  10. Protect against absentee exploitation by prohibiting political operatives from harvesting ballots, and pay-for-vote.
  11. Drop-offs must be banned or MANNED. House elections committee 2nd meeting revealed stacks & stacks in Broward drop-box.
  12. Signature match must be partisan-monitored. Reduce mis-matches with a signature-update campaign.
  13. Challenged signatures should be (and are) given opportunity to rectify with proper ID.
  14. No remediation election day or later. Get it in early.
  15. Signature missing or match-errors get notified by phone, text, email, and letter, then adjudicated by Canvassing Board.
  16. But ballots with no signature, or none on file might get counted when monitoring is deficient.
  17. Canvassing Boards are unqualified to adjudicate handwriting, and tend toward leniency.
  18. Strengthen voter ID on Absentees. Notarized? Military? Limit notarization/witnessing of multiple ballots, except military.
  19. Increase transparency by giving election observers full access to closely monitor the signature matching and eligibility process.
  20. Don't open ballots till election day, giving time for auditing and challenges to the envelope.
  21. Reject mailed absentees lacking postmark.
  22. To assure counting, people who vote absentee should be asked to update their signatures every 5 years in person, or before a Commanding Officer.
  23. Investigate all undeliverable mail, categorize by cause, and report category totals..


Federal law wisely requires safekeeping and retention of ALL election materials for 22 months for auditing.
States need similar rules.
Rules are useless unless enforced with vigorous prosecution of those who destroyed records.

Supervisor Scott says that in a statewide recount, Brevard was the ONLY county to match exactly with their official totals.

SOE's and courts that resist audits should be suspected of cover-up and publicized. Voters have a right to KNOW.

Expose prosecutors who do not prosecute election fraud.

Article 2 paragraph 2 of the US Constitution "Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors" gives state legislatures supremacy over ANY edict, order, regulation, law, judgment issued by the federal government or ANY other entity in presidential elections. States should adopt the same rules down-ballot.

Resolve NOW to defy any federal intrusion on state sovereignty.

Remove the corrupting influence of private money donated to government election operations.
Hillsborough supervisor took money to promote minority registration, a partisan party job.
Brevard supervisor took $850k from CTCL (funded $350mil by Zuckerberg) contribution to buy a mail sorter.
That money could have tainted strings given his partisan history. Lori says they knew about their bias, and were careful. Be vigilant!
The grantor Center for Tech & Civic Life (successor to New Organizing Institute) is based in Chicago, not the paragon city of election integrity, and run by leftist organizer Tiana Epps-Johnson. Listed supporters are  Google, Facebook, Center for Democracy & Technology, RockTheVote, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, etc.

Bid specifications for hardware and systems get written to favor particular (possibly corrupt or affiliated) vendors.
Scrutinize carefully. Who got the order?

Determine how registration records are interfaced to ES&S.

In corrupt states, laws and procedures were craftily written to keep outsiders from overseeing incestuous precincts where vertical corruption is hidden by like-minded poll-Workers, poll-Watchers, clerks, supervisors, technicians, county & district attorneys, judges, and candidates. Fortunately, there are sufficient Republican-dominated legislatures to enact and MONITOR reforms if Patriots make it a priority, and train sufficient assertive monitors.

SOE and parties need to aggressively publicize that ineligible votes corrupt the system.

All-electronic voting stations were decertified in Florida due to many possibilities for corruption and lack of audit trail.

Paper ballots are essential for auditing and recounts; however, paper receipts can be used to purchase votes with gift cards. "Bring your receipt showing a vote for B and you get a gift card."

New Hampshire scanners gave votes to St.Laurent if ballot was folded thru her name. WindamHNAuditors caught it.

32 states allow ballot transmission by Internet.  Is this sufficiently secure? U.S. Florida waives right to secrecy.
Mail provides secrecy and security.

Hearings revealed 2 counties penetrated in Florida. No Firewalls.

Provide standards for SOEs to prove clean voter rolls to some high % of total registrants. Audit.

Disallow polling places in jails (Illinois)

Every county deserves one vote in leadership of Florida Association of Election Supervisors

SOE was tasked with verifying ex-felon eligibility, but deferred to a state office. What % were rejected? Any follow-up?

Commissioner Bryan Lober told SpaceCoast Patriots that the Brevard Commission funds the Election Supervisor out of local tax dollars. They could be helpful in funding improvements.



Implement Heritage Foundation Recommendations Election Law Reform Initiative


DefendOurUnion.org held a summit May 2 with Kris Ann Hall as a speaker

Public Interest Legal Foundation Critical Conditions report

Vote Theft hearings by various states documented many affidavits of corruption. Please help comb thru the videos and contribute vulnerabilities to our compilation. Submit URL for listing heer.

National File Patrick Howley

Heritage Election Fraud Database documents 1,311 proven cases of fraud where someone has been convicted in a court of law.


Federal funds for elections run the risk of  overwhelming states with "strings" and entanglements that diminish state authority. If states and localities do not want to pay to insure an honest vote, they will get the corrupt government they deserve, and run the risk of having their electors voided in the Electoral College. In 2020 several states (notably Georgia and Pennsylvania) did not follow the Constitutional mandate in Article 2 paragraph 2 "Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors" The Constitution does not even require legislatures to follow the will of the people expressed in a presidential plebiscite (we operate as a republic, not a democracy). Legislatures can designate themselves, the governor, a judge, or anybody to select which slate of electors goes to the Electoral College. All states have chosen a plebiscite. Some states apportion, some states do not. Legislatures have extremely wide latitude, but nobody else is constitutionally authorized to make the rules.

There were entirely too many egregious constitutional violations, credible witnesses giving affidavits under penalty of perjury, prima fascia evidence, videotape, and even a 37 terabyte data capture, for us to lie down and accept a STOLEN election. we refuse to be a good-loser!

The label "Election Integrity" gets a yawn. We might consider re-branding to "Vote Theft Prevention" that energizes.

Uniformity makes widespread corruption easier, but minimum standards leave room for innovation and variation.

Dallas Jones and Gloria Palmer with Sheila Jackson Lee voter fraud operation using fake Chinese-printed ID's to vote.

Nursing home harvesters and forgers exploit non-voters by requesting ballots, then voting them.

Previous presidential elections showed red/blue precinct election maps. All seem to have disappeared for 2020 who got only 15% nationally.

Brevard's tabulating system is from Election Systems and Software (ES&S). Still to be verified is the back-story that their system was found fraudulent in Volusia, and thru an intermediate company was sold to crooked Dominion.

The strongest security organizations move beyond merely reacting to incidents and fighting fires. They are self-aware, recognize their weaknesses, and create roadmaps to move their programs from current to enhanced states. They establish a culture of continuous improvement and keep their eyes on the horizon ahead rather than simply remaining mired in the day-to-day. They develop a governance process and a cadence that helps ensure forward motion, prevents stalling and preserves their strategic focus.

Mike Lindell will host a livestream 3-day Cyber-Symposium with Dr Frank and many forensic investigators August 10, 11, 12. featuring a 37 terabyte data dump of INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE (every data-packet-capture in all states). The 5,000 seat venue will be announced Independence Day. Every Senator, CONgressman, attorney general, judge, foreign leader, top forensic cyber-expert, skeptic, media, and opposition invited. Epic gathering of patriots, crooks and thieves will witness data, and demonstrations of exactly how the vote was stolen. Watch Absolute Proof, Absolute Cover-up, 9-0,  for a preview.
For updates watch OANN.com

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