Star Of Bethlehem

While at TempleTexas in Christmas 2008 we attended a Star of Bethlehem lecture at daughter Juliet’s church by gastroenterologist Dr. Rick Erickson. He works at Scott & White hospital where Dr. Frank Venzara learned eye surgery.

Rick’s work builds on discoveries by an attorney, and others.
Rick has been studying bible prophesy, bible dates, computerized astronomy programs, and Magi astrology 3,000 years old. He offers extremely convincing scientific evidence on the Star of Bethlehem, and an astrological message clearly written in the stars to the Magi (a name meaning astronomer) saying “Come to Bethlehem – now;  a Jewish king of kings is born”.

More striking is the exact date of Jesus conception, birth, death, and resurrection and other major events written in the stars by God at the creation of the universe so we would, with newly developed computer programs, discover new facts in THIS slice of time and KNOW the bible is absolutely true. The key, Revelation 12:1-6, was a star-chart pinpointing Jesus conception!  His birth on June 17 in 2BC, and many other dates in his life fit PERFECTLY in the celestial sun/moon timeclock when matched to the Bible! Christians have long known that December 25 coordinated with the pagan Saturnalia, and was chosen by the church to help introduce Jesus to pagans.

Dr. Erickson builds the case as a scientist, laying all the groundwork of astronomy and Magi astrology in the beginning, presenting the conclusion halfway through, and discussing ramifications at the end. Though fascinating, the groundwork in the first half (before Chapter 5) can get tedious, but you will watch it several times once you see where it leads!

Dr. Erickson did not copyright this work, he wants as many people as possible to know the truth. Please send the link to friends This is scientific proof that takes people from BELIEVING to KNOWING.

Now that you know, please share your knowledge with others, and let us hear how this research impacted you.

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