WARNING: A man’s home is no longer his castle!


The courts subverted what we learned about real estate law, and the Sheriff’s Office has chosen to follow the court rather than follow the law.

Did you know that if you charitably allow some freeloader to stay in your home they can claim it as THEIR residence and the cops will lie, and try to intimidate you into giving up your rights as a homeowner until you go thru a 60-day $400 eviction process?

The Statute of Frauds requires ALL real estate contracts to be in writing, but some liberal judge decided against tax-paying property owners and arrogantly superseded these time-honored principles:

Tenancy at will: A rental agreement that may be terminated “at the will” of either landlord or tenant. Typically an unwritten agreement may require a brief period of notice of termination.

Tenancy at sufferance: A tenant who has no right to occupy the premises, but is tolerated by the landlord and may be terminated at the will of the landlord. Payment of rent by the tenant transforms the tenancy into an “at will” tenancy.

Now, residency is supposedly more relevant than the law, ownership, and lack of a lease, and owners are supposed to know (in absence of any actual LAW) that you need a signed agreement when a guest stays in your home for even one day to prevent them from claiming residency which cops say overrides your rights. OUTRAGEOUS!   Several sheriff supervisors actually stood on my porch telling me that if I injured someone breaking into my home to reclaim their supposed residency that I would be arrested.   Realizing that the game was rigged against me in a neo-communist usurpation of my rights if favor of society’s freeloaders, I immediately stepped back into my home and locked the door, assuring that I would not get nabbed on some phony “resisting-arrest” or “assaulting-an-officer” charge. When goaded to come outside and talk face-to-face like a man, I assured officers I felt much more legally secure talking thru the window.

In 2008 some of you thought me subversive when you read this in several eMails:

Educate your police and military NOW – they need to be prepared when it comes to follow the constitution, or follow orders.

Who would have thought that this country would arrive so quickly at a point where you cannot trust your local government; where the sheriffs lie to you to protect the invented “rights” of freeloaders? No wonder lawlessness is on the increase. People cannot trust the laws or their public servants to protect their property rights when some “progressive/liberal” judge decides the Marxist “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” better suits his sensibilities.

But some sheriffs are leading the fight to bring government back under the constitution. Discover how some sheriffs and military pledged to follow the constitution. Stewart Rhodes, Army Airbourne Veteran, Constitutional Attorney, and founder of OathKeepers recommends this Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey  Follow related links to learn more.

Sheriff Richard Mack founded the Constitutional Law Enforcement Association to protect us and future generations from tyranny and government criminality.

Get informed and raise hell while you can still make a difference. Don’t allow wayward judges and politicians to subvert the constitution. Speak up, demand your elected representatives hold everyone accountable to the constitution!

URL: http://4Brevard.com/tyranny/sheriff.htm