What We're Learning From COVID19
a/k/a Corona, SARS2, Wuhan Flu, CCP Virus

Those who do not learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them.
Don't be misled by Fake News from the DeepState

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ACTIONS If you have close contact with a Covid carrier, use the same protocol I follow when exposed to grandchildren who picked up some bug at school: *

If feeling like you have flu, here's what I would do: *












Still to be Learned:


On a lighter note, if we stop shaking hands during flu season, which do you prefer?
  • Elegant Bow from the waist
  • Elbow bump
  • Fist bump
  • Salute
  • Head nod
  • Wave
  • Sign of the Cross
  • Yoga namaste (praying hands)
  • Raise chin and say w'sup
  • I object, continue handshakes

The somewhat reliable statistic is deaths, because infection reports are widely variable. depending on depth of testing, era, method, country, state.
However, instead of reporting just those who died of COVID, doctors complain of pressure to include people who died with or were suspected to have COVID to boost reimbursement.
Reports of falsified testing are rampant. People who failed to show for tests got letters stating they were infected.
Fox35 in Orlando found 300 labs reporting 100% positive.

Flu name

Worldwide Dead

Deaths Per Million Population

1918 Spanish Flu (Alaska) 50 mil. 27,000
1957 Asian flu 2.5mil 862
1968 Hong Kong 2.5mil 708
2009 H1N1 363,000 53
Typical Seasonal Flu 450,000 100
COVID 2019 Wuhan 452,000 58   Jun18 total
For perspective: Worldwide deaths by abortion each year is 40-50 million.
Liberals call that a choice, yet they conspire to deny you the choice of using HCQ.

Using stats I extracted from Worldometers May 14, 2020, we see it is 3 times safer to live in a state with a Republican governor. It may be they are focused on residents, and less on creating chaos.
Cuomo in NewYork has 1,417 deaths per million, Florida, with a older and larger population has 89 deaths per million. Who do you want making decisions for you?

As of May 14, 2020 Deaths Deaths per Million pop
Republican Governors 24,662 132
Democrat Governors 62,513 300

"If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him." James 1:5 NKJV
"Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding." Proverbs 4:7 NKJV

Good Sources for Understanding:

Wikipedia Influenza

WorldOmeters.info/coronavirus  sort by deaths per million and notice that currently (other than tiny populations) the 3 highest death rates (as of May 4)  in the southern hemisphere are 51, 41, and 32 per million. Summer! It will probably rise in their winter. Contrast with Belgium at 665 per million, the U.S. at 193 and sunny Florida at 62. Don't shelter, Get outdoors!!!

Eminent epidemiologist, Professor Knut M. Wittkowski 

Dr Shiva, MIT Biological Engineer, focuses on immunity, and views the body as a designed system.

Much-maligned by Deep State, Dr Rashid Buttar exposes shocking truths. You decide.

* line added after 5/4/20. I will add to these lessons as you contribute comments and evidence. Thank You.

Richard Webb is a researcher, not an MD or PhD, and this is not medical advice. It is a collection of research from reliable Web resources, combined with my own experience and discernment.
Click the links and do your own research to confirm what I wrote to help you. If you find more studies, or have useful information to help others, please send me your comments.

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