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Brevard County Schools

"Before we moved here we interviewed the schools;
and that determined where we made our home"
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Florida's  FREE Virtual Academy
Full K-12 curriculum, AP, Honors, & enrichment



Brevard's  FREE College Tuition Programs
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Early Enrollment, Dual Enrollment, Apprenticeships



How to Choose a School

  • Quality schools are the BEST way to find a high-standards neighborhood.
  • Don't assume real estate and home values relate to school quality, they are just ONE indication.
  • Ask what the school offers that might serve your child's interests and special needs.
  • Be sure to enroll bright children in a school that challenges them. See warning below.
  • What competitions and awards have the students won lately?
  • Speak to the Principal. Look for high standards (expectations) and past accomplishments.
  • Check what schools your kids will likely graduate to, and those schools level of accomplishment.
  • In high schools, ask about the number of scholarships, Merit scholars, college-bound (or the appropriate group for your child) test scores. 
  • Remember that average test scores are influenced by a number of factors that may not affect you, but they can give some indication of the overall standards of the school and its students.
  • How did your prospective teacher's class fare on last year's tests?
  • If you meet a teacher on the street, ask which schools get the best teachers, and why.
  • Understand that most people mistakenly say their school is the best, regardless of actual merit. Probe.
  • Check for clean facilities as one indication of high standards.
  • Check actual (not average) class sizes, but remember some large classes are effective.
  • Ask for the "incident" (crime) reports. Are small incidents tolerated/ignored?
  • What percent of teachers have degrees in their specific subject area? How many "out of field"?
  • How soon must homework be graded and returned? Is poor grammar/spelling tolerated?
  • Pick up a copy of the school's publication to see what's on everyone's mind.
  • Ask what percent of teachers still belong to a union. In Florida, only 1/3 belong.
  • A Nation At Risk detailed necessary reforms. How is this school doing?
  • Demand excellence! - American schools rank dead last in math and science. Learn the facts.
  • Be wary of "We're #1" syndrome that grips most schools, even when they are dead last.
  • Expect performance without grade inflation. Note incoming freshman scores at UCF.
  • You can only avoid Common Core by homeschooling thru a PRIVATE curriculum. provider.

Warning: Florida's measurement and bonus system encourages parents of bright students to enroll in a school that challenges them. School funding formula penalizes if the range of FCAT test scores is too great. Your child will be more welcome in a school where students attain similar test scores.

Moving mid-year? If you are moving in the middle of a school year and worry about impacting your children's grades, consider finishing the year in homeschool. It will ease the transition and give your child a jump on next year.

STANDARDS: The federal government has conspired with Big Education to cram a totally untested set of mandates down the throats of teachers and parents. Common Core, which morphs into other names as opposition rises, seeks to impose a "one size fits all" nationwide disaster. Follow the Money! Book publishers and testing companies developed a slick marketing campaign to sell the scheme, and sell billions of dollars of totally revised books and tests. Contents of the dumbed-down curriculum horrify those who have actually studied the changes in detail. Question: When you are dead last, why not FOLLOW what is working in 8 Pacific Rim countries who consistently score at the top, instead of trusting Washington, DC to divine where the untested bleeding edge of education ought to be? Detailed Policy Analysis. This bombshell video "Building the Machine" documents the Common Core promotional lies. It is devastating, especially the interviews of dissenting PhD's that were kicked off the review committee so supporters could falsely claim unanimous acclamation. 

Brevard Schools

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Brevard County Schools

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Virtual Schools & HomeSchooling  Supplemental Ed
Primary and Secondary Schools - Private Colleges and Universities
Primary and Secondary Schools - Public Community and Junior Colleges
Exceptional Ed Adult Education

This guide is arranged to aid newcomers choosing where to live on the SpaceCoast. Many schools maintain web pages where you can get more information. Just click on their hyperlinks.



Virtual Schools & HomeSchooling
Brevard County Schools


Khan Academy (all levels)

Completely free videos and exercises focused on creating a desire for learning. Challenges students to MASTER a broad range of subjects in a game-like environment.  FREE

Brevard Virtual School (K-12)

Brevard bought curriculum from two providers (K-8), and Kaplan (9-12). Brevard mounted a fledgling effort to compete with the private providers and created their own virtual school. Compare curriculum! Virtual Schools are publicly funded - there is no tuition! (K-8) 866-609-9574

Highest-scoring online school in Florida! Affiliated with Bill Bennett's Ką˛ International Academy No longer selected as the K-8 provider for Brevard's public Virtual School (see below). Florida school districts have the option to choose the provider for their online programs. This list shows the waiting list for Florida counties that have chosen Ką˛. Tell Florida legislators to make more slots available! Till then, or if you do not qualify, you can purchase curriculum directly. Some parents give their students special courses as gifts!

K12 offers a full-time, comprehensive, mastery-based curriculum that eliminates boredom and leaves NO child behind. The program adapts to YOUR learning style. The full program includes:

  • Mastery-based courses prepared and enhanced by the finest teachers in the country.
  • Computer system with printer, loaned at no cost to each family
  • Internet connection charges reimbursed quarterly
  • All instructional materials, including textbooks, workbooks, planning and progress tools, maps, math and science supplies, CDs, and videos
  • An experienced teacher for guidance, support, and advice
  • Enrichment courses like PowerspeaKą˛ languages, digital photography, flash animation, game design
  • Online clubs. How cool is International Photography Club?
  • Educational outings to enhance lessons and build a sense of school community
  • Rolling monthly start dates - it is never too late to enroll
Curriculum meets high standards -- due to a core of classical books, and a self-improving feedback process rivaling any world-class company. But be vigilant against ANY morphing into Common Core.

International Virtual School 877- 512-7748 (Outside of the U.S.: +1-703-436-3316)

Accredited to higher international standards (like International Baccalaureate), with American-based content, currently available only in English. Facilities in Dubai, UAE, Malasia, Haiti, and adding more. Subsidiary of Prestigious CITA- and SACS CASI-certified U.S. diploma recognized globally

Florida Virtual School (6-12)   407-513-3587

Another choice getting super results -- At 115,000 students globally, this is the biggest school in Florida, with very successful students! More than 90 middle and high-school classes. Rich Advanced Placement and Honors courses. Florida resident tuition is paid by the state.

Home Schooling

Today, the highest-quality choice is home schooling. Each child progresses at their fastest pace in each subject - without getting bored or left behind. There is no substitute for MASTERY-BASED learning! Your family is not tied to a school schedule, to a neighborhood school, or to Common Core. Training little yellow pencils in a Dewey/Mann asylum is obsolete. Schooling is for fish! (swimming in unison).

Progress Report 2009 says homeschoolers who participated in 15 standardized achievement tests scored 37 percentile points above public school students. Universities say their top entrance exam scores, and most successful students, come from homeschool. Most universities eagerly recruit homeschoolers. Here's shocking news from John Taylor Gatto, former New York Teacher of the Year, showing why every parent should seriously consider homeschool. And now homeschool can be FREE - see Virtual Schools above.

Socialization flourishes in homeschool Associations, away from the stampeding heard. When you meet a kid who can look you in the eye and carry an intelligent conversation, chances are they are homeschooled - try it. Myths About Online Learning may surprise you.

These are great resources:

Florida supports homeschooling -- see Department of Education Home Education page.

Building Choice.Org is designed to help implement and maintain public school choice programs.

Exodus Mandate encourages parents to leave government schools. Order The Harsh Truth About Public Schools.

The Army now offers qualifying home school graduates the same enlistment incentives as traditional high school graduates, including cash bonuses up to $40,000 for enlistments of three or more years and the Army College Fund, which provides up to $71,424 for college. 

Oral Roberts University eAcademy (3-12)
An online virtual Christian school for parents looking for a new option to teach their children at home or other remote locations.

Backed by the University's School of Education , ORU eAcademy delivers an academic program for grades 3-12 by combining multimedia-enriched curriculum on CD-ROM with Internet connectivity in a highly structured environment to help students stay on track and engaged with daily schoolwork.
New Covenant Christian (K-12)
1990 W New Haven, Melbourne
Watch their impressive PowerPoint Presentation. Established 1983 as a private school for homeschoolers.  All the advantages of private school AND home school. Traditional Texts, On-line Classes such as Rosetta Stone, Switched-On Schoolhouse, Site Classes, Action Groups, Mentors, Unit Studies, Parent Produced Materials. Tuition: $35-55/mo. This is a marvelous example of how churches can create a school ministry.
Coastal Community School  (K-6)
638 South Patrick Drive Satellite Beach 32937
The "community school" is a hybrid model that combines instruction at school and home for an optimal Christian education experience. Provides support of certified teachers who partner with parents in the guidance and delivery of curriculum and instruction.

Parents, if you are interested in School Choice, click to view this link.






Primary and Secondary Schools - PrivateBrevard County Schools

All phone numbers in area code 321
 unless otherwise indicated

Schools: Contact us - We  gladly report what makes your school different.

Liberty High School (9-12)
Palm Bay and Rockledge
Work at your own pace, small class size, one-on-one help, evening, home study
Bethel Christian Academy (K-12)
1950 Michigan Av.
Brevard Christian Learning Center (PK-12)
1869 Longleaf Rd.
Home Share Study Program, Homeschool Umbrella Covering School, Preschool (VPK Program), Title 1 Afternoon Tutor Facility, SAT Test Center, Apprentice Program, Two-Year College/Pre-requist Program
Creative Learning (K-12)
823 D North Cocoa Blvd.
Focus on "special education", small class size, individuated program. Very successful with special needs students not thriving academically in a public school environment.
Indian River Academy (K-12)
202 River Heights Dr.
Seventh Day Adventist Christian (PK-8)
1500 Cox Rd.
St Marks Academy (PK-6)
2 Church St.
Episcopal, class max=20, FCIS & FKC accredited, ERB test scores available
Cocoa Beach Christian (PK-6)
830 S. Atlantic Av.
A-BEKA curriculum. Certified Christian teachers. 6:30am to 5:50pm supervision.
Our Savior Catholic (PK-8)
5301 N. Atlantic Av.
Computers, academics, athletics
Holy Name of Jesus Catholic (PK-8)
3060 Highway A1A
Child-centered caring Christian Community. Every classroom networked. CTBS scores in 85-88 national percentile
Riverside Christian Academy (K-6)
3333 North Riverside Dr.
Especially for Children (PK-8)
1230 Banana River Dr.
Especially for Children (PK-K)
455 E. Eau Gallie Bl.
New Covenant Christian (K-12)
1926 S. Babcock St
Established in 1983 as a private school for homeschoolers.  All the advantages of private school AND home school.
Adventist Church (K-8)
210 W. New Haven Av.
American Academy (K-12)
1855 Lansing St.
9th graders score at 12th grade level in C.A.T., dual enrollment with Brev Community College
Ascension Catholic (PK-8)
2950 North Harbor City Bl.
School of Excellence, - accredited by Florida Catholic Conference, all teachers certified, strong academic curriculum, extensive sports program,  before/after school program, large selection of extra-curricular activities..
Brevard Christian School (K-12)
1100 W. Dorchester Av.
Elementary: Strong phonics, accelerated reading program, computers, high achievement testing in math.  Secondary: College oriented math/science program, state-of-the-art computer lab, 87% college-bound in '98.  Sports for upper elementary thru high school. FHSAA affiliated, fully accredited with FACCS.
Brevard Jewish Community School (PK-6)
5995 N. Wickham Road
Open to children of all faiths. Preschool through sixth, plans to expand a new grade level each year. First Brevard County private elementary school accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Low pupil-teacher ratio. Carefully developed core curriculum. Staff includes a P.E. teacher and Hebrew teacher. "Mommy and Me" held for toddlers up to 3 years of age.
Brevard Learning Clinic (K-12, adult)
1900 S. Harbor City Bl.
Experience a one-to-one approach in teaching, enrichment and intervention focused on dyslexia, learning disabilities and academic problems.
Calvary Chapel Academy (PK-8)
2955 Minton Rd. West Melbourne
A-BEKA & Bob Jones University curriculum providing a truly Christ-centered education in an environment which develops and encourages academic excellence, spiritual growth, and a lifelong love and desire for learning.
Community Christian (PK-12)
1616 Ferndale Av.
A-BEKA curriculum. 1996 grade 6 SAT=89.8 . Dual enrollment Brev Comm College, interscholastic sports. Represented by over 35 local churches. Accredited - Association of Christian Schools International
Country Day for Children (K-3)
1281 S. Wickham Rd.
Diamond Community School (K-8)
2802 Lipscomb St.
Eau Gallie Christian Academy (K-3)
1660 Croton Rd.
Strong Phonics/Math. Hands-on learning. Computers, Bible, music. Certified teachers.
Faith Fellowship Academy
2820 Business Center Bl
Florida Air Academy (PK, 6-12)
1950 S. Academy Dr.
FAA is a premier co-ed Junior Air Force ROTC college prep day and boarding school for grades 6 - 12.  100% college acceptance since 1978.  Academic excellence enhanced by Honors and AP programs, exciting electives, full athletic sports program, clubs, and special activities.  Small class sizes with low student-teacher ratio.  Fully accredited by both Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  Now offering infant to toddler (up to 3 years old) Preschool on campus!
Holy Trinity Episcopal (PK-12)
50 W. Strawbridge Av. & 5625 Holy Trinity Drive
Holy Trinity is two schools, fully accredited by Florida Council of Independent Schools, offering a rigorous curriculum that includes honors and advanced placement classes. Highly qualified faculty, low student-to faculty ratio and a successful program of extra-curricular and athletic activities.   
Melbourne Central Catholic High (9-12)
100 East Florida Av.
Full college prep includes Honors and Advanced Placement in English, Science, Math, History, Theology, and Foreign Languages. 1998 graduating class of 145 students earned $5.8 million in college scholarships.
Fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
New Covenant Christian (K-12)
1990 W New Haven
Watch their impressive PowerPoint Presentation. Established 1983 as a private school for homeschoolers.  All the advantages of private school AND home school. Traditional Texts, On-line Classes such as Rosetta Stone, Switched-On Schoolhouse, Site Classes, Action Groups, Mentors, Unit Studies, Parent Produced Materials. Tuition: $35-55/mo.
New Covenant Christian (K-12)
4028 S. Babcock St.
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic (PK-8)
420 East Fee Av.
Excellence in Catholic education for over 45 years.
Seaside Christian (PK-12)
399 E. Eau Gallie Bl.
Suntree Montessori (PK-K)
2990 Business Center Bl.
ages 3-6
Wade Christian Academy (K-12)
4300 North Wickham Rd.
West Melbourne Christian Academy (K-10)
3150 Milwaukee Av.
ABEKA Curriculum. Before/after school care. Year round programs
Alpha Academy (PK-1)
3645 N. Courtenay
Multi-age teaching emphasizes God & family, hands-on methods, art, music, dance. Children work at highest level of their capability. Waiting list.
Atlantic Inclusive Academy (PK-12)
5525 N. Courtenay
Accreditation in progress
Brevard Private Academy
276 McLeod Street, Merritt Island
We cater to all 8 learning styles with creative teaching methods, leaving no students behind!
Accredited by NIPSA
Divine Mercy Catholic (PK-8)
1940 N. Courtenay
World Champion - Odessey of the Mind. Also known for oratorical, math and science awards. National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.
Calvary Chapel Christian (PK-6)
3500 N Courtenay
Age 2 thru 6th grade, ACSI accredited. A-BEKA & Bob Jones University curriculum.
Merritt Island Christian (PK-12)
140 Magnolia
College prep with advanced placement, honors. Fully accredited, Biblical teaching, character, leadership, service, JH, JV & varsity sports, 725 students
Florida Christian Academy (PK-6)
2395 Kentucky Av.
Covenant Christian (K-12)
720 Emerson Dr.
Fully accredited with Christian Schools of Florida and member of Association of Christian Schools International. Christian biblical excellence in an academic program complete with Advanced Placement and Honors Courses, athletics, and SAT scores 2 grade levels above average. 1999 graduates awarded an average of $18,080 per senior in college scholarships.
Eastside Christian (K-12)
1465 Clearmonth St.
Heritage Christian (K-12)
891 Coply St. SE
Liberty High (10-12)
4610 Lipscomb St.
St. Josephs Catholic (PK-8)
5320 Babcock Street, NE
Creates a Christian environment in which each student grows spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally in a flexible curriculum leading to personal fulfillment. Ask about accreditation, labs, and competitions that provide a rich experience.
Victory Christian Academy (K-12)
100 Emerson Dr NW
Educational Horizons Charter School (K-2)
3000 Fiske Bl.
Public Charter School. Specializing in children not progressing in current educational environment. Improve cognitive skills, reading and math, learning deficits.
Rockledge Christian (PK-8)
2175 S. Fiske Bl
A-BEKA. PE, arts, sports, computers, electives
Rockledge Montessori (PK-K)
3000 S. Fiske Bl.
St. Marys Catholic (PK-8)
1152 S. Seminole Dr.
Computers, music, art, band
Trinity Lutheran (PK-6)
1330 S. Fiske Bl.
Quality Christian education for 40 years. New facilities.
Keystone Academy (PK-3)
Students learn at their own level and pace. Twelve children in a class.
Brevard Montessori (PK-K)
1130 South Patrick Dr.
Not-for-profit alliance of families and teachers working together to provide the community with a specially prepared environment geared to the size, pace and interest of children between the age of three and six. Focus: cultivate the child's own natural curiosity and love of learning
Lake Fern Montessori (K-2)
257 Aguinaldo Av.
Established 1981. Family-friendly environment. Comprehensive educational program.
Park Avenue Christian Academy (PK-8)
2600 S. Park Av.
St. Theresas Catholic (PK-8)
207 Ojibway St.
Temple Christian (K-12)
1400 N. US 1
Titusville Christian (PK-12)
3155 South St.





Primary and Secondary Schools - Public Brevard County Schools 


Brevard's government-run schools rank #1 among counties on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT), behind some tiny counties near the Georgia border.  FCAT measures broad performance goals.

Registration Normally, the school your child will attend is determined by your permanent residence, but a limited Student Accommodation Plan gives you the ability to request a different public school and 25% of students have taken advantage. Alternate and Choice Schools do not depend on your living nearby. School assignment should be discussed with the School Board office. See also District Maps. Florida Department of Education Choice Office

Schools of Choice vs. Charter Schools Two types of government schools attempt to differentiate their program from standard public schools in response to the School Choice movement. Those marked "Schools of Choice" are special-focus government schools allowed to uphold application criteria and acceptance standards.  Charter schools operate privately under their own board of directors, free of most bureaucratic regulations, under a performance contract, or charter, that specializes in a different focus or method of delivery;  however, Charters must accept all applicants if there is room. The school board supervises both of these "competitors". Both generally have a waiting list. Instead of selecting purely on merit, they unfortunately employ a lottery, but give preference to siblings.

When your child enters kindergarten or first grade you will be required to show a birth certificate. All new students must submit proof of residence, immunization records, and the results of a recent (1 year) physical. Most local doctors have the forms. At registration, the school will make arrangements for obtaining your child's transfer records. Social Security numbers are requested, but cannot be required.

Brevard Public School Calendar

Brevard Virtual School offers American Government, Economics, Personal Fitness, Life Management, FCAT Prep - 8th grade, FCAT Prep - 10th grade, SAT Preparation, BPS Service Learning, Latin I, Physics.

Florida Virtual School Orlando-based online school founded in 1997 serves 115,000 students worldwide, some full-time, some for supplemental classes, all tuition-free. Offers more than 90 middle and high-school classes, from basic algebra to Advanced Placement and Honors. All meet Florida standards and are taught by certified teachers. The school caters to a wide range of academic abilities, but students do best with a good dose of self-discipline.

Sunshine State Standards - Basic Florida Department of Education curriculum  CAUTION: Common Core has corrupted these standards. See International Standards and do your research on higher standards before committing to a curriculum.

Governor's Accountability Report  Grades by School 

Brevard County School Board
2700 Fran Jameison Way, Viera
Fax: 633-3432


Location map    Boundary map   Assigned School attendance zones

High Schools Phone
area 321
SAT score
Seniors '98
SAT score
Seniors '02
SAT score
Seniors '04
SAT score
Seniors '07
Schools of Choice v
Application criteria, acceptance standards

Highest combined score in red

Astronaut Titusville 264-3000 517-502 517-523 518-321 534-517-521
Bayside Palm Bay 956-5000 new 491-492 502-502 490-498-468
Cocoa 632-5300 455-470 474-481 471-476 476-496-466
Cocoa Beach
(International Baccalaureate)
783-1776 474-500 530-539 554-553 545-561-534
Eau Gallie 242-6400 493-501 503-515 497-499 496-579-478
Edgewood  Jr/Sr Merritt Island v
College Prep 
454-1030 new in '03 new in '03 first senior class in '06. See Middle Schools below. 542-548-517
Melbourne 952-5880 515-511 526-524 511-511 515-517-496
Merritt Island  
Scores Diluted by Edgewood
454-1000 535-539 502-511 511-525 502-523-476
Palm Bay 952-5900 487-505 506-517 496-501 490-503-470
(Cambridge International curriculum AICE)
636-3711 494-506 503-515 498-502 502-504-491
Satellite Beach
Communications Technology
779-2000 524-534 523-533 550-536 529-539-510
Titusville 264-3100 505-507 511-504 506-504 520-510-492
West Shore Melbourne v
College Prep
242-4730 new 566-568 569-575 570-580-547

Location map    Boundary map   Assigned School attendance zone

Middle Schools
(grades 7-8) City
see also Charter Schools
area 321
Grade 8
Grade 8
Grade 8
Schools of Choice marked with v
Application criteria, acceptance standards

Florida Virtual Academy (K-8) v
Charter School affiliate of Bill Bennett's

ext 7305
in '03 325-331-343  
Central  W. Melbourne 242-6440 299-310 308-322-313 317-329-297-316
Clearlake Cocoa 633-3660 300-313 305-318-304 306-312-267-301
Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr Ranked #18 in Fla. 783-1776 319-329 324-335-345 342-352-334-353
DeLaura  Satellite Beach 773-7581 337-343 336-347-351 341-349-354-350
Edgewood  Jr/Sr Merritt Island v
College Prep.  Ranked #43 in nation, 6th in Fla.
454-1030 in '03 337-357-366 352-368-356-370
Einstein Montessori Cocoa 631-9876 new 246-264-285  
Hoover   Indialantic 727-1611 333-343 329-342-344 334-349-324-347
Jackson   Titusville 269-1812 308-318 311-323-321 316-328-288-317
Jefferson  Merritt Island 453-5154 333-343 322-334-336 327-343-330-341
Johnson   Melbourne 242-6430 308-318 312-332-322 321-338-291-327
Kennedy  Rockledge 633-3500 307-315 310-326-315 317-326-302-313
Madison   Titusville 264-3120 297-308 306-325-306 313-329-288-319
McNair  Cocoa 633-3630 301-311 302-316-305 314-325-296-313
Odyssey (charter) Palm Bay
programs help each child reach peak performance and achieve a balance of intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual skills. Performance School
733-0442 new in '05 292-323-285 313-328-291-310
Palm Bay Academy
984-2710   new 340-343-357-341
Palm Bay
Community Charter
    new 300-320-287-302
Rivers Edge (charter) Palm Bay 729-0500 new 286-285-267 304-304-290-278
Sculptor (charter)
264-9991 325-322 331-340-339 326-340-320-343
Southwest   Palm Bay 952-5800 313-319 314-331-321 317-332-307-318
Space Coast grades 6-8 Cocoa 638-0769 314-326 309-324-312 315-328-319-324
Stone  Melbourne 723-0741 288-298 308-322-308 315-327-300-315
West Shore Jr/Sr Melbourne v
College Prep
242-4730 348-356 346-367-380 362-371-363-383

Location map    Boundary map   Assigned School attendance zone


Elementary Schools Phone
area 321
Grade 5
Grade 5
Grade 5
Schools of Choice marked with v
Application criteria, acceptance standards
Florida Virtual Academy (K-8)
Successor:  Brevard Virtual (next entry)
ext 7305
in '03  336-342-320 342-343-340
Brevard Virtual Instruction Prog  (K-8)
Curriculum provided by
Florida Connections Academy (K-9)
Personalized curriculum delivered at home
(800) 382-6010 in '03 323-317-314 324-335-333
Cape Canaveral        
Cape View 784-0284 288-326  315-342-328 311-332-330
Atlantis 633-6143 311-336  313-322-311 317-351-337
Cambridge Magnet 633-3550 264-306  290-323-288 285-311-290
Challenger 7 636-5801 303-335  333-342-339 327-347-344
Endeavor Magnet 633-3545 236-271  266-299-262 292-313-293
Enterprise 633-3434 306-334  325-337-325 317-342-336
Fairglen 631-1993 298-326  314-331-326 318-348-338
Saturn 633-3535 282-321  311-339-323 302-341-323
Cocoa Beach        
Freedom 7 International Studies v
Foreign language and world cultures, higher curriculum
(highest combined score)
868-6610   382-383-375 376-408-391
Theodore Roosevelt 868-6660 305-327  339-346-343 329-353-343
Indialantic 723-2811 323-350  345-354-356 329-348-346
Indian Harbour Beach        
Ocean Breeze 779-2040 312-340  349-351-349 332-350-346
Melbourne Florida        
Allen 242-6450 288-319   313-345-319
Creel 259-3233 302-332  322-335-321 315-339-326
Croton 259-3818 286-316  318-345-330 314-334-346
Educational Horizons (charter) 1-5
Montessori curriculum. We realize growth is different for every child, and we give children the opportunity to grow at each child's individual rate.
729-0786 no grade 5    
Harbor City 254-5534 301-321  297-308-302 298-326-314
Longleaf 242-4700 315-349  344-355-333 357-379-373
Meadowlane 723-6354 309-336  340-354-346 327-352-343
Quest  242-1411 new 338-351-338 343-356-357
Sable 254-7261 310-341  314-332-315 299-325-313
Sherwood 254-6424 306-325  322-338-327 326-342-337
Suntree 952-5858 329-348  337-350-337 354-371-364
University Park 723-2566 287-321  301-312-297 289-319-292
West Melbourne School for Sciencev  956-5040 new 362-357-370 357-382-384
Melbourne Beach        
Gemini 727-3090 324-350  352-363-348 352-372-380
Merritt Island        
Audubon     (highest combined score) 452-2085 323-367  352-367-349 329-373-353
Lewis Carroll 452-1234 309-333  330-342-324 328-350-341
National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
452-1411 308-332  316-336-321 319-348-333
Mila 454-1070 303-328  306-331-324 298-324-311
Stevenson School of the Arts v
Academics through visual arts, music, drama, dance.
454-3550    359-362-360 373-387-390
Tropical 454-1080 322-350  335-353-330 336-369-365
Mims 264-3020 304-325  315-340-314 312-336-330
Pinewood 269-4530 279-310  309-343-317 319-348-331
Palm Bay        
Columbia 676-1319 290-312  313-325-307 309-320-336
Christa McAuliffe 768-0465 289-313  307-323-307 306-332-322
Discovery 951-4920 283-309  314-334-313 302-322-314
Jupiter 952-5990 269-297  299-324-301 306-330-322
Lockmar 676-3730 311-337  340-343-332 327-345-342
Odyssey (charter)
Montessori, holistic core curriculum, small classes, innovative facilities, small community school.
733-0442 340-312  309-333-302 319-346-319
Palm Bay 723-1055 284-301  301-324-294 300-337-305
Palm Bay Academy (charter) K-5
Gifted. Enriched academic environment
984-2710 329-318  328-340-331 331-365-352
Palm Bay Community (charter)       301-310-303
Port Malabar 725-0070 317-350  317-341-332 316-349-348
River's Edge (charter) K-10
Combined Stepping Stones & Milestones. Tech-based for "at risk" kids
  251-241 253-285-254 261-285-258
Riviera 676-4237 282-308  310-319-302 300-324-301
Royal Palm (charter) K-3
Average to gifted students, core knowledge curriculum 16 students per class.
723-0650 no grade 5 no grade 5  337-340-331
Turner 676-5700 290-315  299-318-314 296-309-297
Westside 956-5050 286-318  304-321-308 316-331-321
Andersen 633-3610 304-327  322-339-321 308-343-319
Educational Horizons (charter) 1-4
Offers basic and exceptional curriculum.
635-9505 no grade 5  no grade 5 no grade 5
Golfview 633-3570 271-306  303-324-311 299-318-299
Williams 617-7700 300-319  322-341-323 335-365-356
Satellite Beach        
Sea Park 779-2050 313-338  320-344-325 316-344-338
Holland 773-7591 322-350  344-345-344 358-369-372
Surfside 773-2818 319-347  339-350-338 342-355-354
Apollo 267-7890 321-356  317-340-316 325-358-341
Campus Primary (charter) K-5
Multi-age developmentally appropriate grouping to suit each child. Uses alternative hands-on materials. Adjacent to "The Sanctuary".
269-1234 no grade 5  309-327-312 322-339-330
Coquina 264-3060 268-277  290-305-298 304-327-317
Imperial Estates 267-1773 287-308  329-327-319 318-329-317
Oak Park 269-3252 298-324  316-334-325 325-342-330
Riverview 269-2326 276-299  303-327-312 297-329-305
Sculptor (charter) K-8
Gifted. We believe that true self-esteem is directly dependent on academic success. All students are expected to achieve academic excellence while being introduced to a variety of fine arts.
264-9991 354-329  314-337-316 340-345-344
South Lake 269-1022 288-315  309-339-314 288-329-321
Manatee 433-0350 321-356  317-340-316 338-356-343
State Average     303-329-326 305-333-310





Exceptional Education
Brevard County Schools


Brevard County offers options for trainable and profoundly mentally challenged. Programs are available in regular schools. Speak with Barbara McFadden or Dr Paladino at 631-1911. Additional resources and great information on autism at BFOCASD, a non-profit support organization for Brevard families, individuals and educators affected by Autism or Related Disabilities.

All phone numbers in area code 321 unless otherwise indicated

Palm Bay - Melbourne Florida  
Teri Rowan 631-1911 x445
Creative Learning (K-12)
823 D North Cocoa Blvd.
Extensive after-school tutoring, cognitive therapy, auditory training, and a guaranteed reading program, extensive field trips.






Supplemental Education

Brevard County Schools


All Brevard  area code (321)
Awesome Math Tutor
Jim Drake  
Melbourne Florida  
Sylvan Learning Center
3712 N. Wickham Rd.
KnowledgePoints Suntree 
6450 N. Wickham  #102 Claims: individual toutoring, proven results backed by Success Guarantee
Brevard Learning Clinic
1900 S. Harbor City Bl
Merritt Island  
Sylvan Learning Center
335 S. Plumosa St.
Palm Bay  
KnowledgePoints Palm Bay 
160 Malabar Road  #112 Claims: proven results backed by Success Guarantee


Brevard Learning Clinic
134 S. Woods Dr.





Colleges and Universities
Brevard County Schools


  area code (321)
Barry University - Brevard campus
41 E. Merritt Av., Merritt Island
Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech)
150 W. University Av., Melbourne
Kennedy Space Center
Patrick AFB
Florida's second largest private college appears in Peterson's Guide under Top Colleges for Science.  It offers 120 degree programs to 4100 students in schools of Engineering, Science & Liberal Arts (with specialty in Physics and Space Sciences), Aeronautics, Management, Psychology, and Extended Graduate Studies.
Fla Metropolitan Univ / Orlando College
2401 N. Harbor City Bl., Melbourne 32935
Master, Bachelor, Associate in business, computer, travel/tourism, accounting, film/video, criminal justice, medical assisting, paralegal, pharmacy
Rollins College - Brevard campus
475 South John Rodes Bl., West Melbourne
Comprehensive Liberal Arts college rated among the top Universities in the South
Stetson University
Graduate degrees in counseling, education, comprehensive Liberal Arts college
(800) 688-0101
University of Central Florida - Brevard campus
1519 Clearlake Rd., Cocoa
Features the Solar Energy Research Center
University of Central Florida - Orlando campus
Alafaya Trail at University Blvd., Orlando
Major state university (among 10 largest with 45,000 students, 76 majors) and $100 million in sponsored research grants within one hour commute.  Several programs lead the nation: Business School innovative curriculum now copied nationwide, Modeling & Simulation,  HospitalityFilm & Digital MediaSolar Energy.   Optics and Photonics  patents anchor "Silicone Valley East". Thriving Central Florida Research Park incubator links technology to the business sector. Average incoming freshman GPA is 3.8 (1/3 have 4.0 or better), SAT 1167, ACT 26. Wow!
Warner Southern College
701 S. Babcock St., Melbourne
1415 Chaffee Dr. Titusville
Organizational Management Bachelor. Evening & weekend classes
(800) 520-2322
Webster University
150 N. Sykes Creek Parkway, Suite 200, Merritt Island
and locations around Brevard
Private, non-profit, regionally accredited graduate school with MBA, MA, MS degree programs in business, computers, counseling, management, and human resources. Evening and weekend classes on accelerated schedule allow completion in as little as 15 months.





Community and Junior Colleges
Brevard County Schools

  area code (321)
Bethune-Cookman College
Daytona Beach
(904) 255-1401
Brevard Community College
1519 Clearlake Rd., Cocoa
Daytona Beach Community College
1200 West Int'l Speedway Bl., Daytona
(904) 255-8131
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
1140 School Av., Patrick AFB
Grad & undergrad programs accommodating working adults
Florida Southern College
(941) 680-4111
Indian River Community College
3209 Virginia Av., Fort Pierce
Keiser University
701 S. Babcock St., Melbourne
Offers AA, AS, BA, BS, and MBA, Associate of science and arts degrees in medical assisting, computer programming, computer engineering, information systems, paralegal, accounting, business, public administration, hospitality, health service
Seminole Community College
100 Weldon Bl., Sanford
South Florida Community College
600 West College Dr., Avon Park
(941) 453-6661
Valencia Community College
190 South Orange Av., Orlando





Adult Education
Brevard County Schools

Melbourne Florida
Merritt Island
Palm Bay
Patrick Air Force Base




Brevard's   FREE College Tuition programs
(skip high school senior year)
Early Admission to College - Skip senior year of high school! Complete required courses (except one credit in English) with only a 2.5 GPA and you can enroll in college (and still participate in your high school activities). Apply for early admission to most state colleges and universities and Brevard will pay for the first year tuition, fees, and books!

Dual Enrollment and Youth Apprenticeship programs allow you to earn free college credits before senior year.

More Information: School Board    University of Central Florida    Success Story

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